Our Moroccan adventure

“We are going to sell the things we love”

Our first adventure – Morocco.  A country that reflects a deep love and understanding of the complexities of an artisanal-led country.

On first glance, Morocco is an abundance and explosion of vibrant colour.  It is exhilerating to experience and walking through Marakesh’s labyrinth medina can be quite overwhelming. 

However, once you sift through this outer layer, you discover a subtle French influence permeating the workmanship.

We felt ourselves drawn to a signature palette of wonderfully muted and versatile earthy tones and rich texture. Charming pieces that can add a welcoming “lived-in” complementary feeling to any home.  A spared-down simplicity.  An invitation to a new simple unhurried world.

It was humbling to sit with the men and ladies of Marrakesh and the High Atlas Mountains.  To witness first-hand their craftsmanship and appreciate the time it takes to make each individual item, by hand. 

To Mohamed, Abdul, Miriam and Shaheed, and the many other artisans, we connected with, we honour you.

Our first collection showcases “Morocco Naturel” – a limited range of beautiful handwoven cotton throws and towels; handcarved walnut wooden platters; handblown glassware; handloomed carpets & rugs and handmade leatherware.

Each and every piece, hand-selected by us. We are sure each piece will find a place in your home.

“a space can be transformed by the objects it contains and the way it is displayed”

Our Story

With a shared passion for the beauty of everyday objects and design, combined with the collective talents of architectural design, styling, interior design, marketing and event planning, Nomadic Living was formed in 2020. 

Our personal spaces deserve designs with soul, a story and a purpose so when choosing our first journey, we looked no further than Morocco.  A country that reflects a deep love and understanding of the complexities of an artisanal-led country.  It was also a country where Louise and Joehan had built up close working relationship with local artisans for the past ten years.

Our plan was to source a limited-edition collection locally and abroad and present our findings at curated Pop Up home-inspired events.  Covid-19 forced us to relook this personal approach but we are delighted to have partnered with Inhabit Concept Store (Lynwood, Pretoria) to showcase our range. 

We believe this is the perfect setting for our Moroccan Naturel Range –juxtaposing modern contemporary style with time-tested artistry. 

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