ZENAFI RUG – transform your place from drab to fab!

The best advice anyone gave me when making décor choices – 


‘buy whatever takes your fancy and buy only what you love and not necessarily what you need at the time, it is a guarantee that things will just fall into place, even if you don’t know the final placement when buying – trust your emotional connection” 


Zenafi rugs are fast becoming the décor must-have for design enthusiasts because they tend to be one-of-a-kind, statement-making pieces that will add huge personality to any room.  


Understated and elegant, they blend with contemporary maximalist interiors as well as with relaxed, eclectic settings.   Their minimal designs are great for spaces where a neutral texture is desired without being too fluffy or high-pile.  


How to style a patterned rug: 


  • Try to balance the mix of large scale and diminutive patterns, bold and neutral colours for smashing effect. 
  • Classic shapes in gorgeous colours can make statement design. 
  • The mix of modern abstract patterns and more traditional shapes can also be thrilling. 


Check out these pics for room inspirations – 









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Photo credit: Wayfair


The diamond-patterned rugs, traditionally made from wool by Morocco’s Beni Ourain people, are gracing our floors again and looking as stylish and on-trend, as ever. 

These rugs, with their subtle variations and geometric tribal motifs and fabulous texture, really do work in so many rooms and with so many styles.  A true modern classic.

At Nomadic Living, they are proving to be our best sellers, so let’s see how you can incorporate them into your look – they are so versatile and once your bare-feet touch them, you will be wondering what life was like before them!


Image credits to My Scandinavian Home

Cool boho Scandi-look

Perfect base for that ultra-neutral, sophisticated boho cool Scandi look.  If your style is all about 

creams, beiges with pops of browns, grays, blues and green, then the Beni will really fit that palette and add the texture that a tonal space needs to be visually interesting.


Image credits to Moroccan Hand Woven

Colour lover

If you love colour, then use a Beni as the neutral base.  It tones down the 

bold and the brights and creates a wonderful colour-happy counterpart.


Where should I lay my carpet?

Take your bedroom to the next luxe level 

If we are talking texture, then the bedroom is my first call for a Beni.  Their soft, fuzzy pile is totally the thing you want to set your bare feet on when you first wake up.  Plus, they visually anchor a bed perfectly, if you go with a bigger size.  A runner or small carpet on each side, could work just as well.


Image credits to The Boho Lab

And if you have a new little one in the house, a Beni in the nursery is just what you need.  Let’s face it, when you have a little one, you are bound to spend more time on the floor and these carpets are so plush, it will feel like you are sitting on a floor cushion.




Image credits to Black and Blooms

Open Plan Kitchen

If you are like me, you want your kitchen to be the heart of your home, then a Beni runner will transform your kitchen in an instant.  Remember, the great thing about these rugs is they are made of natural fibres and so are extremely durable and spills are quite easily cleaned when treated promptly.


Dining Room

Whether you are going for an industrial look or a modern contemporary feel, think about placing a Beni under your dining table.  What a statement it will make!   And excuse your guests if they take their shoes off!  We particularly like combining, wooden tables, cane/white or black chairs, grass/wicker lighting.  This will then provide the perfect canvas for dressing your table with our Tamgroute Ceramics, recycled Glassware and Walnut Platters

Image credits to The green eyed girl







Living Room

If you want to make a statement in your living room, then let the Beni Ourain do the talking – then the rest will fall into place.  Layering is a fantastic option, especially if you combine with another natural fibre, like jute or sisal.  This is a great way to make use of a smaller rug in a big space, and layering will give your Moroccan rug a slightly more traditional, transitional vibe. Choose your geometric design and whether you are a colour person or prefer a muted palette, your rug is going to nail it! 

Image credits to Shop the Mansion







So, are you ready to overhaul your home?  They say that every home should have at least one “heirloom” piece in it.  The Beni Ourain has certainly stood the test time and remains a modern classic.  Each rug is hand-woven, so no piece is exactly the same.  We all deserve to be a little different.

We love buying things we love! Here’s how can YOU order a rug with NomadicLiving and what should you look for:

What can be customizable?

– The rug size
– The background color
– The line color
– The diamond pattern style and size
– The pile (or thickness of the rug)

FAQ: What’s the difference between natural white & cream?

Natural white: Our personal favourite.  Beautiful creamy white colour that is not pure white as the wool is natural and will never be as white as synthetic white.  

Cream: It’s a creamier off-white with more yellow in it. It’s great if you’re looking for a warmer look and complements with dark wood and brown leather.

The diamond line colour

At the moment we are specialising in the classic black lines but you can have them made up in almost any colour. Pink for little girls’ rooms?  Or go neutral with an all white/cream rug with white/cream lines. 

The Diamond pattern and style

Here you can have fun! Pick the size of your diamonds. Do you prefer small argyles or large ones? Thick lines or thin lines?. Dotted beni rugs are pretty cool. Have a look right below.

The pile (or the thickness of the wool)

Walking on a Beni Ourain rug might be the comfiest feeling ever! It feels so wonderful. There are three Beni Ourain pile options:
Low pile: (about 0.25″)
Medium Pile: (about 1″)
High Pile (More than 1″)

We always recommend medium pile because we think they look at their best and are the coziest without being too much trouble to take care of. Higher pile requires more maintenance but they sure are cozy! (See the picture below for an example of higher pile). The medium rug pile is a great compromise, it has a more uniform look and is still amazingly cozy.

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