Our Moroccan adventure

“Limited Collection 2020”

Our first adventure – Morocco.  A country that reflects a deep love and understanding of the complexities of an artisanal-led country.

On first glance, Morocco is an abundance and explosion of vibrant colour.  It is exhilerating to experience and walking through Marakesh’s labyrinth medina can be quite overwhelming.

However, once you sift through this outer layer, you discover a subtle French influence permeating the workmanship.

We felt ourselves drawn to a signature palette of wonderfully muted and versatile earthy tones and rich texture.
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We’ve collaborated with Inhabit Concept Store in Lynnwood to showcase our products. 

c/o Albeth & 141 Lynnwood Rd, next to Karoo Cafe
The Willows, Pretoria, 0042, South Africa

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